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The Circle of Wellness Newsletter 10/22

The Circle of Wellness with Diana Monthly Reflections The fall season brings in a feast for the senses with its beautiful scenery, fragrant earthy scents and the ever-changing weather patterns. Autumn is also ripe with wisdom and reflective thoughts. Here are five key teachings you may want to contemplate this fall season: 1. Radiate Beauty […]

The Circle of Wellness Newsletter, 6/22

The Circle of Wellness with Diana Monthly Reflections Summer is finally here. The Sun is up early and sets late so the overall mood seems lighter and more optimistic. There’s well-established research that “winter blues” are definitely legit and, as the weather gets warmer, the “blues” warm up too. We tend to feel more energetic […]

The Circle of Wellness Newsletter, 12/21

The Circle of Wellness with Diana Monthly Reflections 2021 is almost at its end. It feels like only yesterday we welcomed this year and had hopes that it’d be a better one than 2020 was. Whether these hopes materialised or not is a very individual opinion. No matter what’s happening outside, we’re still in charge […]

The Circle of Wellness Newsletter, 11/21

The Circle of Wellness with Diana Welcome to my first monthly newsletter! Monthly Reflections We’re deep into the Fall season, with colors turning all shades of red, brown, and yellow. Those are earth colors. Our northern hemisphere is grounding and setting before the cold begins. This is also a late harvest season, a time when […]

Mindful Pause – How to Live with Ambiguity in Life

In our modern times, anxiety, unfortunately, has become the norm. And oftentimes, if you become more relaxed, it may even feel like you are not “on top” of something or have been negligent about certain responsibilities. Despite the perceived normalcy of anxiety, it is not a natural state of being. Anxiety exaggerates the proportions of […]

You’re Allowed to Leave

I recently came across this wonderful post on The Thought Catalog site. Every word in this writing resonated with my own personal and professional beliefs. I feel it’s worth sharing it here too. The post is written by someone else, and I fully credit that writer, but, as a mental health professional, I embrace fully […]

Getting to Self-Love and Acceptance

Loving and accepting others come naturally, yet giving the same attention to yourself is one of the most struggled with area for most people. We can accept little (or big) flaws in those who we love, then why are we so incredible hard and over-critical of ourselves? The societal norm of being your own worst […]

Ask The Therapist: Lonely in The City

  Q: I feel lonely and isolated despite living in a big city, how can I make new friends?  O., female, 27 year-old. A: Loneliness and social isolation is such a pressing topic, especially in big cities like New York. Despite having to live, work, commute and simply exist next to literally millions of people, many feel […]

Every Blackness Has a Silver Lining

Depression is such a debilitating mental health condition, it can literally penetrate every cell of your being, bring on immobility in both body and spirit, hopelessness and a constant chain of negative thoughts. People who struggle with depression, seem to be struggling with life itself, most of it seems meaningless as they see no way […]

Ask The Therapist: Saying Goodbye

Q: What are the best steps in getting over a relationship? P., male, 45 year-old. A: Getting over a relationship is one of the hardest things many people have to go through. As adults, we usually establish and then break several relationships before we finally find and settle with the “One”. A multitude of factors […]